IDhonesty is here to help keep you safe from the harm that can happen at the hands of strangers.

One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself (and those you love) is to NEVER get yourself in a situation where you are behind closed doors with a stranger, without FIRST running a Criminal Search on them.

Minimize Your Risk Right Now

If you want to immediately learn about the potential Criminal background of another person, run a Criminal Background Check Report on them by clicking Option 1 (only $19.95).

The Safest Route

The best way to protect yourself is to have the other person verify their identity on IDhonesty, and voluntarily run a Criminal Search on themselves. Why is this the safest route? Because we use a proprietary process to verify the authenticity of our members, so you know they are not hiding behind a false identity. Members can then voluntarily run a Criminal Search on themselves (and give you access to it). To get verified by IDhonesty, please click on Option 2.

When verifying your "Identity" you become a premium member, this allows you to run multiple "Nation Wide Criminal Checks" on others. (Option 2 above) Your Premium membership is a valuable tool that goes a long way to minimizing the risk of becoming involved with unsavory characters. Play it safe! Verify your identity and show your crime-free status so that you can use it as an example for others.

Message from Dan Page, IDhonesty President